Estate Gardening in Reigate

We provide a full range of gardening services for estate gardening in Reigate and throughout the Surrey area. From hard and soft landscaping and complete garden rebuilds to lawn mowing, and looking after plants in the garden, Gardens Revived are here to help. As fully qualified horticultural experts, with experience in landscaping and the practical knowledge to bring your garden to life, you can be sure your garden is in good hands with us.

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Garden Estate management

Gardens Revived can manage your grounds and estate, ensuring it looks great at the right times for guests, clients or yourselves, to enjoy and impress as necessary. Keeping up the garden on a large house or estate is often underestimated as a task, and we are here to help make sure your estate or grounds looks tidy and welcoming.

Estate garden flower beds in the summer. Estate Gardening in Reigate


Large garden maintenance completed in Reigate

Gardening Maintenance For Large Gardens

We can take care of mowing, weeding, hedge trimming, shrubbery care, and clearing leaves to make the garden look fresh and new once more. We perform estate gardening in Reigate and throughout Surrey, and if you wish, we can arrange a regular time each week to take care of your garden or grounds.

Neat lines on garden lawn: Healthier lawns with Gardens Revived

Lawn Establishment and Care

There is more to establishing a lawn than simply laying turf or sowing seeds and waiting. We take the time assessing the soil structure, the best variety of grass, and the light and drainage conditions, and then preparing the area for turf laying, so your lawn will flourish. We can also treat lawns for diseases and defects.

Seasonal Pruning with Gardens Revived


This is all about knowing where to chop! Gardens Revived are here to make the best out of your shrubs and taking the care to make them thrive in the coming years. We have the equipment to climb and prune up to 15 feet (4.5 metres) in height and have the horticultural knowledge to look after your trees and shrubberies.

Overgrown weed garden in Reigate

Heavy Weed Control

For gardens that are absolutely inundated with weeds, Gardens Revived are here to help. Taking care of estate gardening in Reigate and throughout Surrey, we have extensive experience in removing weed infestations permanently. We are fully licenced to use herbicide sprays to tackle the most determined of weed infestations.

Designed flower beds by Gardens Revived

Designing A Healthier Garden

If you feel you are not making enough use of your garden, or need a new garden design, Gardens Revived are here to help. We can draw a plan of your new garden and select the ideal plants and flowers to make it look great throughout the year, and carry out landscaping and groundworks too.

Caterpillars eating plants.

Pest and disease control

Gardens Revived have a broad range of experience in estate gardening in Reigate and can apply this to identifying issues in your garden with pests and diseases that may stifle healthy growth of plants and flowers. With our horticultural knowledge, we can ensure we take the right corrective action, without harming any of your existing plant life if possible.

Established Kitchen Garden maintenance with Gardens Revived

Kitchen Gardens

A kitchen garden is a great addition for any cook, enabling you to obtain fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits when the season is right, and bring any dish to life. We can construct raised beds for herbs and can advise on the best combinations of plants to deter pests and make for a healthy, flourishing kitchen garden.

Overgrown garden before and after.

Reclaiming your garden

Whether your garden is overgrown, or merely untidy and in need of TLC, we can help you make it a great place to be for yourself, guests, friends and family once more. We can carry out heavy weed control, and remove excessive plant growth, giving you more space and light, while taking care of the lawn and plants to the utmost of our ability.

Fencing services in Reigate.


If your fencing needs to be re-done, or if you need a fence erecting from scratch, Gardens Revived are here to help. We will do all the measuring, groundwork, lifting and logistical work for you, and have access to a wide range of different fence panel shapes and sizes, so you can choose the best look for your garden.

Patio installation in Reigate: new patio area

Patios and Decking

If you need a clean and dry space to enjoy your garden from, adding an area of patio or decking can really make your garden more accessible to enjoyment and leisure activities. As experts in estate gardening in Reigate, we have all the equipment and practical experience in hard and soft landscaping to make your patio or decking look great.





 I first met Andy and Chris (Gardens Revived) when they did work for me on HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan’s property Tittenhurst Park Estate. They work at a very high standard and above all else are very discreet and very trustworthy. They currently provide services for me on multiple UHNW clients’ estates. Their work and attention to detail is fantastic. I highly recommend them to anyone who may be looking for garden services no matter how big or small.

 Review from Wayne Young,
Contracts Manager at Charters Estate, Ascot

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