A holistic and proactive approach

Gardens Revived have a broad range of experience in estate gardening in Reigate and can apply this to identifying issues in your garden with pests and diseases that may stifle healthy growth of plants and flowers. With our horticultural knowledge, we can ensure we take the right corrective action, without harming any of your existing plant life if possible.


Our Commitment To Ethical Gardening

We always aim to keep the natural balance of your garden, only using pesticides when we need to. We only ever use approved for residential property products and all of the green waste that we removed is disposed of at a registered recycling centre. By adopting a holistic and proactive approach to pest and disease control that prioritises ecological balance and sustainability, we can effectively manage pest and disease issues while minimising harm to the environment and wildlife.

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How we can help control pests

By using Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we focus on prevention, monitoring, and control of pests and diseases while minimising harm to non-target organisms and the environment. IPM strategies include cultural practices, biological control, mechanical control, and targeted use of pesticides as a last resort.

damage from caterpillars in the garden


ladybird on leaf


Ladybirds and more

There are a range of natural predators that target specific pest species to help control their populations. Ladybirds are particularly effective against aphids, for example and can effectively reduce pest numbers without harming beneficial insects or other wildlife.


Disease monitoring

We can also monitor plants regularly for signs of pest or disease infestations and intervene early to prevent further spread or damage. Timely detection and intervention are key to successful pest and disease management.




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