Turf laying, mowing, and maintenance

Gardens Revived offer a professional lawn establishment and care services for our clients. We will conduct a full analysis of your soil quality and ensure that the best variety of grass is sowed. We take into account access to light and drainage conditions before we sow any seeds or lay any new turf.

We can also treat your lawns for disease and defects.

Gardens Revived have worked on residential gardens, listed buildings and gardens, flower shows and large estates with some exceeding 70 acres – many with historical significance. We are passionate about gardening.

Garden Services


 How we can take care of your lawn

lawnmover at work

Lawn mowing:

Regular mowing is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn. A garden company can schedule routine mowing visits to keep the grass at an optimal height, reducing weeds and promoting even growth. 

resh, brand new grass growing in a restored lawn


Proper fertilization ensures that the lawn receives essential nutrients for healthy growth and development. A garden company can assess the soil's nutrient levels and apply appropriate fertilizers at the right times of the year to support lush, green turf. 

dandelions and other weeds among the grass

Weed control:

Weeds can detract from the beauty of a lawn and compete with grass for nutrients and water. A garden company can implement weed control measures such as manual removal, herbicide applications, or the use of natural weed suppressants to keep weeds at bay. 

lawn with holes on a football field after aerating


Lawn aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to alleviate compaction and promote better air, water, and nutrient penetration to the grass roots. A garden company can perform core aeration to improve soil health and enhance overall lawn vigour.

close up of reseeded lawn to repair it, with new grass growing, seed and pebble mixture


Over time, lawns can develop thin or bare patches due to factors like foot traffic, pests, or disease. Overseeding involves spreading grass seed over existing turf to fill in these areas and promote a denser, more resilient lawn. A garden company can overseed as part of a lawn care program to rejuvenate tired or damaged grass. 

Pests and disease cause amount of damage to green lawns, lawn in bad condition and need maintaining

Pest and disease management:

Lawn pests and diseases can wreak havoc on turf health if left unchecked. A garden company can identify common lawn pests and diseases, implement appropriate control measures, and recommend cultural practices to minimize future outbreaks. 

Sprinkler watering grass

Irrigation management:

Proper watering is critical for maintaining a healthy lawn, especially during periods of drought or high temperatures. A garden company can assess irrigation needs, install efficient watering systems, and provide ongoing monitoring and adjustment to ensure optimal moisture levels for the lawn. 

fresh autumn leaves on grass

Seasonal cleanup:

This includes leaf removal in the autumn and debris removal in the spring, helping to keep the lawn tidy and prevent the buildup of organic matter that can smother grass and promote disease.

English Garden

Lawn renovation:

In cases where the lawn is severely damaged or in need of a major overhaul, a garden company can perform lawn renovation services. This may involve activities such as dethatching, soil amendment, and complete reseeding or sod installation to restore the lawn to its former glory.





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