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For gardens that are absolutely inundated with weeds, Gardens Revived are here to help. Taking care of estate gardening in Reigate and throughout Surrey, we have extensive experience in removing weed infestations permanently. We are fully licenced to use herbicide sprays to tackle the most determined of weed infestations.

As fully qualified horticultural experts, with experience in landscaping and the practical knowledge to bring your garden to life, you can be sure your garden is in good hands with us.

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How we can help with heavy weed control

We can begin by performing a thorough assessment of the property to identify the types of weeds present, their distribution, and the underlying causes contributing to weed growth. This evaluation helps determine the most appropriate weed control methods to employ. From there we can commence removing weeds manually from the soil. This approach is effective for small-scale weed infestations and areas where herbicides may not be suitable, such as near water bodies or in sensitive ecosystems.

Working with wheelbarrow in the garden


Tidy back garden


Making your garden uninhabitable for weeds

We will promote a healthy, dense turf or garden beds, making it more difficult for weeds to establish and thrive. These practices may include proper mowing height, adequate watering, fertilization, and mulching to suppress weed growth and enhance the competitiveness of desirable plants. We will also implement an integrated weed management approach that combines multiple control methods to achieve long-term weed suppression.




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Professional Garden Management from Gardens Revived.

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