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If you need a clean and dry space to enjoy your garden from, adding an area of patio or decking can really make your garden more accessible to enjoyment and leisure activities. As experts in estate gardening in Reigate, we have all the equipment and practical experience in hard and soft landscaping to make your patio or decking look great.

We carry out garden landscaping in Reigate and throughout the surrounding area. Our target client is someone who truly wants their garden to be cared for and is willing to invest what is needed for a trained horticulturist to carry out the work.


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How a patio helps make the garden accessible

A patio provides a designated area for outdoor living, dining, entertaining, and relaxation, extending the usable space of the garden beyond the confines of the house. It creates a focal point for socialising with family and friends, hosting gatherings, or simply enjoying the beauty of the garden in a comfortable setting. It also extends the usability of the garden throughout the year, providing a comfortable outdoor retreat for enjoying the beauty of nature in every season.

garden raised patio and planter


section of a residntial garden, yard with wooden decking

How decking can improve your garden space

Decking provides an elevated platform that offers a unique perspective of the garden, allowing homeowners to appreciate the landscape from a higher vantage point. It also creates a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor areas of the home, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior living spaces. It serves as a natural extension of the house, providing easy access to the garden and enhancing the flow of movement between indoor and outdoor areas.




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