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Meet Chris and Andy – Co-owners of Gardens Revived

Gardens Revived was started in 2018, when we decided to combine 20 years of gardening experience to create a thriving family business. Together, we have worked on residential gardens, listed buildings and gardens, flower shows and large estates with some exceeding 70 acres – many with historical significance.

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Experienced gardening services for luxury gardens and estates

All of this means that we're very capable when tending to luxury gardens and estates, as our experience and education allows us to provide fare more than regular garden maintenance. In fact, we can provide full garden care such as identifying diseases and pests, rectifying problems with soil quality, identifying large selections of plants and weeds and also some garden landscaping such as laying turf, fencing, patios and more. We have been lucky to work on some truly incredible projects while garden landscaping in Reigate and around Surrey including working on the estate of Garden Designer Matthew Childs and on Tittenhurst Park in Ascot, bringing both up to world class standards.

We've also studied and achieved a selection of horticultural qualifications:

  • Royal Horticultural Society Level 2 Practical
  • Royal Horticultural Society Level 2 Theory
  • PA1/PA6 Spraying Licence (Use of herbicides)
  • Chainsaw Licence



Performing a full range of garden landscaping in Surrey

Although we can offer simple maintenance, we are best suited for clients who have a garden they wish to be at its absolute best all year round, a large garden or estate with a diverse range of jobs needed. We carry out garden landscaping in Reigate and throughout the surrounding area. Our target client is someone who truly wants their garden to be cared for and is willing to invest what is needed for a trained horticulturist to carry out the work.

Flower bed maintenance and driveway patio in Reigate.



The philosophy of our garden work


If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

Trying to save time or money by cutting corners can have damaging effects months later. A large portion of our turf jobs have been requested because the previous company hadn't prepared the soil correctly, left stones in or tried to cut costs by using poor materials.

There's always work to be done, all year round.

If there isn't work to be done for the current season (which is rare!) there is plenty of work that can be done to prepare for the next season. For example, lawn care doesn't start in summer when the lawn sees use but spring with scarifying and weed/feed treatments. This must be done again in autumn.

Every garden has its own personality and needs.

The purpose of a garden differs depending on who you ask. For some it's a place to unwind and enjoy nature. For others it's for recreation or sports, and others use their garden to practice their horticulture skills.




Ethical gardening in Surrey

In everything we do, we try our best to be as conscious about the impact we have on the planet. The garden is an ecosystem of wildlife of which we are share a part of. Although sometimes a heavy hand is needed, such as the use of pesticides, it is important to maintain a harmonious natural balance with the garden. Our products are always approved for use within residential properties and any green waste we remove is disposed of at a registered recycling centre.

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I first met Andy and Chris (Gardens Revived) when they did work for me on HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan's property Tittenhurst Park Estate. They work at a very high standard and above all else are very discreet and very trustworthy. They currently provide services for me on multiple UHNW clients' estates. Their work and attention to detail is fantastic. I highly recommend them to anyone who may be looking for garden services no matter how big or small.

Review from Wayne Young, Contracts Manager at Charters Estate, Ascot

Andy did a really good job, he was really tidy and very polite. He turned up on time and carried out the work quickly and efficiently. We're very happy.

Review from Redhill via Checkatrade

Complete lawn replacement due to bamboo infestation - very happy with the work carried out, professional, friendly and courteous people.

Review from Horley, via Checkatrade

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